Discover Livingston County

Artists and Photographers Find Inspiration in Livingston County

The typical events of summer, the concerts, craft shows, parties and fairs didn’t happen this year, and your vacation plans probably went out the window. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Come to Livingston County, New York, home to two Finger Lakes and the number one state park in the country, Letchworth Park.  If you can’t find a travel partner, come alone!  It is just a short drive from Pa, NYC, and Ohio. 

Are you ready to let your inner artist out and try a new vacation/holiday theme that is COVID safe?  The Finger Lakes region has a unique beauty in all four seasons so why not grab a paint box or camera and come for a visit?  Travel the beautiful rolling hills and back roads through forests, farms and lakes while your creative juices are stirred and your artistic side is nourished. 

In the last twenty years or so there has been a great deal of interest in “plein air” painting.  This is a term used by artists to describe the art of outdoor painting - capturing landscapes and views in natural light.  Livingston’s beautiful agricultural and natural settings are easy to find, so thousands of artists have begun taking their supplies to its streams, waterfalls and woodlands to capt  ure the serenity and beauty on canvas.  Amateur and professional artists alike enjoy the solitude offered by our naturescapes as they try to capture a single moment on canvas.

For artists that prefer photography, the color and texture combinations of beautifully managed farmlands adjacent to rolling hills, valleys and lakes offer beautiful and unique opportunities for the camera lens and artistic eye.  Be sure to block out those times of day when the magical low angle lighting of sunrise and sunset makes colors pop.

By choosing to go on this creative quest alone, your schedule is entirely yours to decide. You are the judge of how long to stay, what sights to capture and where to go next.  You will quickly learn what landscapes and scenes make your inner artist happy.

Leave the ever present blue screen glow behind and experience the world with your artistic senses rather than others webpages.  Creative travel is great for doing some much needed self inventory and enjoying your own company.

You’ll find that traveling between nature and comfortable accommodations is easy in Livingston and it will also be easy to stay within any budget you set. Your options for where to stay are as varied as the images you will want to capture.

Springwater Retreat Center offers guests a place to have a truly quiet time in an “off-the-beaten” path and beautiful setting.  There is a weekly meditation schedule in which guests are welcome, but not required to participate. You don’t need any training, just an open mind. There are no required beliefs or assigned practices, you can just explore meditation in your own way.  

Letchworth State Park has cabins available for rent year round which include an electric stove and oven, refrigerator, electric lights and wall outlets, twin-size bunks, mattresses, a table and chairs. Bring your own linens, pillows, cooking and eating utensils, and other camping accessories. All the cabins have either wood or electric heat, free-standing fireplaces and screened porches. 

If you would like something a little more luxurious (and someone to talk to at the end of the day) consider staying at the BrickInn B&B.  Owner Chic Yoder is renowned for her gourmet breakfasts featuring as many locally produced items as available. Start your day with fresh coffee and juice, home baked pastry, fresh seasonal fruit, and your choice of a sweet or savory hot main dish. Afterward if you let her know the landscapes you are seeking, she will gladly provide her local knowledge and give you a suggestion for how to spend your day. 

The Allegiance B & B is an elegantly restored mansion circa 1838 (with two friendly ghosts that have been known to make an appearance now and then). The grounds surrounding the estate include a "secret hidden" garden with an arbor and a 35 mile greenway on the edge of the property.  Both the BrickInn and The Allegiance are located in the community of Mount Morris, near the north entrance to Letchworth State Park. 

Have you tried glamping? Glamorous camping is the latest craze and you can be the first of your friends to experience it!  Eagle Crest Vineyards on Hemlock Lake offers glamping and wine tasting.  A perfect combination if ever there was one!  You will have your own private site nestled in the trees overlooking the lake, with an outdoor heated shower, premium linens and queen size bed. There are also rentals available on the shores of Conesus Lake, or if rural life is your ideal landscape, stay on a working farm. All of the accommodations are practicing the strictest cleaning protocols for your safety and health.

Artists love the fall in Livingston County when the rolling hills and striking vistas capture the spectacular annual fall colors as they totally change the look and feel of the diverse landscapes.  In the winter under a blanket of snow and crisp air, the scenery changes again and the same location can evoke an entirely different response when viewed and captured.  Many artists have done interesting work (in film and paint media) showing the same setting in different seasons. 

Become an artistic traveler. You will start collecting memories instead of things.  Begin with this perfect little get-away, Livingston County.

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