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Tourism Industry Booming in Livingston

Tourism Industry Booming in Livingston

In recognition of Livingston County’s thriving travel and tourism industry, the County Board of Supervisors has designated May 5 - 11th as Travel and Tourism Week in Livingston County, NY.  The timing coincides with the 36th Annual National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), which unites communities across the country to celebrate how travel matters to American jobs, economic growth, and personal well-being.

Earlier this month, two representatives from the Livingston County Chamber & Tourism office attended the New York State Tourism Industry Association (NYSTIA) conference in Buffalo.  Visitors to the region represent a significant economic contributor to Livingston County, second only to agriculture.  As such, our tourism advocates are knowledgeable and up to date about industry trends and the travel desires of potential visitors.  The Finger Lakes region in general, and Livingston County specifically, tends to draw families and seniors looking for outdoor experiences at affordable prices.  At the NYSTIA conference, Tourism Director, Elissa Russell, and Tourism Marketing Coordinator, Ellen Herlihy, heard from a variety of compelling speakers and presenters offering insights into attracting today’s travelers.

Roger Dow, the President and CEO of the US Travel Association, opened the conference by telling attendees, “2018 saw more international travelers to the United States than any previous year.”  There was an especially large increase in Chinese travelers which can be a boon to Livingston County tourism business owners. The increased traffic is certain to result in increased revenue.  Asian travelers to the US tend to stay for two or three weeks, often landing in Toronto, renting a car and traveling south to Manhattan or landing in New York and heading west to Niagara Falls.  Either way Livingston County is strategically placed to welcome these visitors for a visit, a meal, or an overnight stay.

In 2017, both international and domestic tourists, spent a combined total of $9.9 million dollars on lodging, $2.7 M on transportation, $22.7 M on food and dining, $11.7 M on retail and recreation and $5.7 M on seasonal second homes here in Livingston County.  Providing for the needs of these visitors created employment for over 1,200 local residents, and visitor spending generated $6.2 million in tax dollars for the county and state.


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