Locally Made

Purchasing locally grown produce and locally made goods is a simple and lasting remembrance of visiting our county and region.

Locally made edible delights range from "Monk's Bread" to "Cool Whip" and many things in between.

Locally grown produce ranges from organic garlic to Finger Lakes grapes and many "earth to table" pleasures in between.

Artisans crafts from beeswax candles to alpaca mittens and, well, you get the idea.

Enjoy your on-line browsing of "Livingston Made" products. New vendors appear regularly. Keep coming back!

Kyle Farms

3872 Hogmire Rd

Avon NY 14414

 (585) 746-1076

Farm/lamb sales: (585) 568-7817



Kyle Farms' goal is to produce a quality all natural lamb for the consumer.

Kyle Farms Lamb is guaranteed:

  • To have been raised on pasture and mother's milk
  • No growth stimulants or artificial hormones
  • Fed a 100% Vegetarian diet from birth to harvest

We strive to provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for our lambs from birth to table!

Livingston Lunch

"Livingston Lunch"

Abbey of the Genesee
Monk's Bread

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Once Again Nut Butter

Peanut Butter

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  • Log Cabin Acres
  • 2538 Skelly Road, Caledonia, NY 14423
  •  (585) 538-6066

We've taken three of our "Livingston Made" specialties and put our own "spin" on a classic - the Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich.

Log Cabin Acres

2538 Skelly Road
Caledonia, NY 14423
(585) 538-6066


Beeswax candles and honey products.


Did You Know?

Eating local honey, made by bees carrying around pollen from local plants is thought to help with seasonal allergies. One theory is that the pollen bees carry contains nectar from flowers - it gets into the honey and eating it can immunize you from the same pollens that trigger allergies when they are breathed in. So, when selecting honey - to get the most benefit, look for honey from as close to home as possible.

Nunda Mustard

Specialty flavors of mustard made right in Livingston County.

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Oh-Neh-Da and Eagle Crest Vineyards, LLC.

  • 7107 Vineyard Road
  • Conesus on Hemlock Lake, New York 14435
  •  (585) 346-2321


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Established in 1872, O-Neh-Da and Eagle Crest Vineyards is a “must see” destination in Livingston County. Begun as a Sacramental winery by Rochester’s first Bishop at the close of the Civil War, a visit to this historic treasure is never disappointing.  Carefully preserved for over a century by missionary Brothers, today the vineyard and winery are privately owned and operated by local folks with a passion for all things creative.  Medal-winning wines are offered in the Tasting Room and online at PureWineOnline.com.  Hand-crafted in small batches, wine quality versus quantity is the standard. Surrounded by Nature Conservancy Land, nestled in the wooded hillside amidst 6,684 acres of unspoiled State Forest, every visit offers something new to see.  Open Daily Noon ‘til 5 May-October, Weekdays Noon ‘til 5 November – April. For information on booking the winery for your private event, contact Lisa at 585.749.5051 or email her at lisa@eaglecrestvineyards.com


Sugarbush Hollow

8447 Pardee Hollow Road
Town of East Springwater
PO Wayland, New York 14572




Maple Syrup Products


Sweet Arts Bakery



If you give a mom a muffin...she'll open a bakery!


The Cake Place


Making the edible...incredible.  Unique Cakes and Delicious Desserts by Melissa & Tina!!



Upholstery Bags

Geneseo, NY 14454

 (585) 245-4629


 Handmade bags, hats and accessories available at Geneseo's Not Dot Shop, or by calling.

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